Untitiled feels appropriate because how can you put a title on something when you’re not even sure of how you feel. It’s just one of those play every sad song on your ipod moments while you cry your heart out over some thing that happened one day and now its finally hitting you. Although that last part is kind of false. I know why I’m not feeling on top of the world. Have you ever felt like you had everything figured out only to be knocked completelty on your feet? Yeah, me too. And I’m still trying to pull myself out from the dirt. Sometimes it is easier to just sit there and let everything else run over you. Sometimes it is easier to get up and fight. I’m having one of those sit there moments. As the old saying goes, Misery loves company. Not this girl. She’s flying solo like it or not. And that is part of the problem. I’m not saying I need a relationship, but I need someone. I’m on a campus with 1,500 people, and I don’t feel like I belong with anyone here. 1,500 people, and I don’t belong with a single one. Sometimes I don’t belive I belong anywhere. What is exsiting anyways? How many times do you have to break to know your alive? Apparently a lot. I think the worst part of it all is that I can’t really express how I feel. People expect too much of me. I am student, friend, daughter, and Resident Assistant. I have too many important titles to break down as much as I do. It’s all done in secret. The thing was I used to be happy…I used to be happy…


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