18 Years

Since today is the day after my 18th birthday I thought I would use this post to reflect on some of  the lessons I’ve learned and the things I’ve realized in the past 18 years.

1.) Education is a wonderful thing.

I love to learn. It has been one of my personality traits all my life to be naturally curious and I never realized how beneficial to me that would be until it really counted. I was lucky school was never hard for me and now I can look back on my first 12 years of schooling and appreciate how far I came and how well I did. And with this appreciation, I am going whole heartedly into my college education to make the best of my life, if not for the fact of having a career, but for an abundant array of knowledge. I will never stop learning and seeking out education.

2.) Perseverance

Yes, I’ve certainly gotten myself into trouble with this. However, I learned that this can be used positively if channeled in the right way. Again, this was one of my strongest personality traits which I often used in the wrong situations. Growing up, I’ve learned that it was this that will make my dreams and goals possible. Without it, there merely only some very nice ideas. I will never give up on making my dreams a reality.

3.) Things fall apart so better things can come together.

As much as it hurt learning this lesson several times, I have to say its held true. Everything in my life that was the hardest to deal with had some sort of possitive effect. Sometimes the effect wasn’t always immediate or I just couldn’t see it. But I believe things happen for a reason become of this. What ever the effect or skill I learned has been for the better and has made me who I am today. Live and learn. I will always look for the positive in every situation.

4.) Some people will love to see you fail: so be it. Keep trying.

I am going to fail at some things in life and there might be someone on the sideline cheering on my faliure. The trick is here is I won’t let them discourage me. I’ve learned to ignore the voices that say “You can’t…” and “You wont…”. They have no meaning in life. Anything can be done with time, passion, education, and dedication. When you listen to the people trying to encourage your faliure, that is when you truly fail. I will always keep trying, no matter what anyone says.

5.)  Don’t let your pride get in the way of asking for help.

I learned that there are some things I can’t handle on my own and I need to ask for help. As much as I’d like to think I’m superwoman and would like to be able to do it all, the reality of it is I can’t. I learned the hard way that trying to figure things out on my own that are beyond me is counterproductive. Also, internalizing problems does not solve them, it only escalated them. And sometimes preserving your pride is not worth the aggrivation or pain. It isn’t admitting defeat, if anything it shows strength. It shows strength because you can admit when something is beyond you and when you need outside help. I will always ask for help if I need it.

6.) Sometimes the people you thought who would never let you down, do.

It’s a sad thing to know you can’t rely on people you should be able to. Just another demoonstration about how life isn’t always fair. The thing you can learn from this is just to realize people are flawed. They’re going to let you down at some point, and you’ll let people down as well. Accept it and move on. I will always be realistic in my expectations of other people.

7.) Never let other people tell you who you are.

During middle school (it’s the black hole of life, no one had a good middle school experience. If you say you did you’re lying!) I made the mistake of letting other people’s thoughts of me become my own. This is a mistake I carried with me for years. Now that I’ve gotten over it and have learned to accept myself for who I truly am, not for who they said I was, it is something I regret letting happen. I regret letting them getting the best of me and then carrying that with me for 4+ years. I will love myself for who I am. 

While these aren’t the only lessons I’ve learned, they’re certainly some of the biggest. Here’s to starting my 18th year of life off right…

Peace, Love, and Happiness,



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